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    1. Hello, Welcome to FCTEL Technology Co.,Ltd
      National service hotline:+086 0571-87007055/56/57 CN

      Products center

      The core strengths ,Give you the best protection


      01Core Technology+Research+Innovate

      Independent research and development and manufacturing capabilities of high-tech enterprises

      Established transmission and access technology research institutions with ZheJiang University

      Provide customers with a variety of personalized technical services and customization

      02Precision Technology, to ensure product quality

      Product System + Quality: 15 major product covering all space transmission and access needs

      Harsh ISO9001-2015 quality system production

      Have a high standard of technology and quality inspection processes to ensure product quality!

      03Professional qualifications, product assurance

      Product Quality Certificate / Made in China certification network provider

      CE certification / network license

      Information Industry Optical Communication Products Inspection Report / Ministry of Public Security test report

      04360 degree complete after-sale service system

      Customer team 7*24 hours rapid response, equipment life-long maintenance support services

      According to the actual operation of customers with the application environment, development of technical support plan

      Industrial products, five-year warranty, lifetime maintenance

      ABOUT US


      FCTEL Technology Co.,Ltd A high-tech company. We concentrate on fiber optical communication and network access. Our product include PDH,SDH, Interface Convertor,Fiber Modem,PCM,Fiber Media Converter,Video Fiber MUX and so on. We Provide full range of transmission solutions. All of the products are with our own proprietary intellectual property rights .Besides,we offer specialized technical service and customized products.